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We’ll help connect you with verified good people who want to hunt, fish or camp on private land (like yours) — without all the hassle or liability.

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Save time

No negotiations
No contracts (all online)

Save money

No lawyers, no liability
We take care of insurance

Earn more

Earn 3-10x (or more) than leasing annually

You're losing out BIG when you lease land annually

The average landowner makes $9,433/year leasing their land annually. Sounds great, right? Well, no. The average # of hunters on a lease is 8 people. That’s $4/day/person. You can do better. You deserve more.

Save time and take back control of your financial goals with LandGuest

Avoid Unnecessary Hassles

Ditch the back-and-forth negotiations, contracts, lawyers and insurance — and list your land with LandGuest instead.

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List your land on LandGuest for even half the year, and make 3x more than you would leasing annually or seasonally.

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We don’t just care about the outdoors.

We care about you.


Earn 3-10x (or more) than leasing your land annually and grow your repeatable revenue

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Skip the hassle of leasing and make 3-10x more with LandGuest

With outdoor markets quadrupling, the #1 desire for hunters, anglers and campers is to enjoy the outdoors on private land. But 9 out of 10 of people don’t want to lease land annually or seasonally (or even monthly). They just want to book it for a day, week or weekend. With a LandGuest listing created just for you, you’ll grow your repeatable revenue faster and add that financial cushion back in your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

We get it! Trust is the #1 value we’re working hard to establish among all three parties for every booking: Landowner (you), the “guest”, and us (LandGuest). That’s why we run background checks on everyone wanting to book. Trust is also why we give landowners full control over their land (no negotiations). And it’s why we’re taking care of liability issues with insurance for every booking.

It’s simple, really. If someone starts a fire on a landowner’s property and the landowner bans it in their Land Rules, the guest is responsible and fully liable for any damages. We (LandGuest) would jump in and help you handle the situation.

That’s why you build in a clean-up fee into your price. Plus, you pay someone $20 or so to clean up your land after every time so you don’t have to.
Sounds like your land would be perfect to start with camping. You could be charging a minimum of $20/day/person.
Yes! People who don’t have land to hunt, fish or camp on (and don’t want to be around a thousand people) wish they could get away for a day, week or weekend.

Well, that’s the beauty of doing it daily. Because you can block off days you don’t want to lease it so your kids can fish. The key is to set clear expectations up front in the listing. So if you say in your listing that you reserve the right to cancel a lease up to 24 hours in advance, then if someone books it on a day you and your kids decide you’d rather fish, then reach out to the person who has it booked and see if there’s another day they’d be willing to book it for. So you can keep a great rating and book it out whenever you want (or don’t).

It’s simple, really. If someone shoots one of your cows, the guest is fully responsible and liable for any damages. We (LandGuest) would jump in and help you handle the situation.

We get it! That’s why we run background checks on everyone who books with you so you can know we’re connecting you with good people.

No, sir! LandGuest does not have any membership fees. We offer every feature of our platform for free. We make money only when you make money. And we only take 10% from the landowner (you) and 10% from the guest when they book your land.

LandGuest is a rentals marketplace with a 20% commission fee per transaction. The landowner (you) pays 10% and the guest pays 10% only when someone books your land. In a $100 transaction, the landowner gets $90, while the guest pays $110 and LandGuest makes $20.

You have complete control over everything. What does that mean specifically? It means when someone books your land, you still have to approve that it works for you. On that note, you have full control over your calendar so you can block off dates you don’t want anyone booking your land. And you have full control over your Land Rules. It also means that guests are fully liable for anything that happens on your land during the booking period.

The average landowner can make 3-10x more than leasing their land annually. Across the U.S., annual leases average $9,433/year. And the # of hunters on a lease is 8 people. That’s $4/day/person. With LandGuest, if you’re listing it for camping, you can charge somewhere in the range of $20-$100/day/person. Fishing is in the range of $50-$150/day/person. Hunting is in the range of $100-$2,000/day/person. So, while you can make 3-10x more than leasing annually, depending on your land features, you could bring in even more.

Before you can take payment when someone wants to book your land on LandGuest, you simply add your bank’s account number & routing number (a one-way transaction) so we can route payments to you (powered by Stripe). And once a listing is booked, you get paid within 2-3 days! It’s about as easy a process as you can get.